chain reaction


Ecsite-for-All and Preconference Workshop

Earlier this month I attended the 2016 Ecsite Conference, a gathering of European science centres and museums in Graz, Austria. Over the next several days, I'll be posting about our pop-up makerspace sessions and a experimental series of workshops that we tried around toy dissection and reanimation. But to start, I wanted to share about the incredible Ecsite-for-All chain reaction and a tinkering pre-conference workshop that we held as a reflection on the event.


Two Special Chain Reactions

We love sharing ideas and activities with other educators and designers. Having extended opportunities to play together with materials and phenomenon always provides a great way to get outside thinkers and practitioners excited about new ideas and gives us the chance to learn from the experiences of our wide range of collaborators. Chain reaction is a great activity to emphasize the spirit of connection and as usual, we were also able to try out a couple new ideas along the way.


facilitating switches

Nicole's brilliant video of the many flavors of homemade switches inspired me to write a little bit about how we tend to introduce the concept of switches in the course of tinkering activities and when moments of more instructive facilitation can allow learners to go even further in their own process of understanding.


World Record Longest Long Distance Chain Reaction

Tomorrow, visitors to the Tinkering Studio will join forces with participants from six different science museums across the country to attempt the World Record for longest long distance chain reaction machine as part of ScienceWorks' record setting weekend!


Invisible chain reaction by EUPHRATES!

A Tinkering Studio friend Euphrates shared a new film with us that they created most recently. They have been producing a series of short films in collaboration with NIMS (National Institution of Material Sciences in Japan) to introduce various new materials in a very interesting way, and this is the newest one. I'm especially excited to share this film because they got inspiration for creating this one from visiting the Exploratorium!


New Materials Carts

Over the past two and a half years, we've tried to be constantly evolving the tinkering studio environment to best support our programs and activities. Because we're out on the floor facilitating activities alongside explainers, we've been able to identify and develop solutions to the needs that arrive.


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