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Filling in engraving on wood!

We love laser engraving!
We've been laser engraving on wood and plastics and they have been great when we make signs/signage in the Tinkering Studio. Lately I've been experimenting with filling some paint in engraving so that the letters (or designs) will have additional uniqueness rather than just having scorched or burned color. And here is the method that I've found so far that seems working well, and want to share it with you!


Ecsite Makerspace in The Hague

This week I'm returning from a busy, thought-provoking, and inspiring three days at the annual Ecsite (european network of science centres and museums) conference in The Hague. For the second year in a row, I worked with a group of collaborators to create a dynamic and engaging makerspace that ran throughout the conference. This year our plans were more ambitious than the last, as we tried to coordinate a full schedule of presentations, activities, and conversations.


Slow Moving Motor Repair

Luigi recently blogged about a broken down slow moving motor. I wanted to take a crack at repairing it and had visions of machining a faux gold tooth out of brass for it....

This is what happened instead.


Moment of Zen - Snowflakes

And not just any snowflakes, laser-cut computer-generated fractal snowflakes courtesy of Nicole and Dan!



Explainer Skill Swaps

Last week we did some trainings with the high school explainers at the museum so they could learn a bit about our tools, the learning studio environment and the way we approach teaching and learning. This group of explainers (who are between the ages of 15 and 20) work on the museum floor in the afternoons, weekends, and summers. We're interested in helping them feel comfortable in the studio gallery on the floor and feel confident facilitating a wide variety of making activities.


Laser cut felt cuteness

Kristina Larsen on her recent laser cutting adventures:


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