Paper Circuit Cards Video

After running the paper circuit cards workshop for donors last December, I've been interested in exploring other types of LEDs. Here is a video compilation of a variety of types of LEDs including a range of sizes, colors, and styles. Enjoy!


Creepy Beasties

Last Thursday’s Afterdark followed the theme Hair, Feather, Scale, and Nail. To fit the night’s motif, we facilitated a new activity in the Tinkering Studio called Creepy Beasties.


Parallel Circuit Postcard

How cute is this? A participant in our Coursera class, The Fundamentals of Tinkering,  created this adorable Instructable for a Parallel Circuit Postcard that uses aluminum foil to connect the LEDs together instead of copper tape the way we do in our Paper Circuits workshop.


Making copper crowns w/ LED - new activity

This week, we are trying a new activity on the floor called "Copper Crowns," that one of our Maker corps Raquel has developed (see her blog post in the past).


Tinkering at the Opening Gala

On Friday night, the Exploratorium hosted a fancy gala in advance of opening our doors on Wednesday the 17th. There were multiple concert stages, flamboyant interior designed spaces, a plethora of food and drink options, and San Francisco's finest dressed to the nines and ready to party. In the Tinkering Studio we decided to make digital bling necklaces with guests using LEDs, wires, and custom laser cut logos, gems, and bow ties. We also brought the laser cutter out on the floor so people could watch the mesmerizing path of the beam.


Paper Circuit Wedding Card

One of the things that I am most enjoying about sharing Jie Qi's paper circuit activity is how people can quickly go from making a super basic circuit to coming up with a really creative and personalized idea. Today one of the visitors in the tinkering studio made a really complicated and funny card for his friends wedding. It took him about forty five minutes to figure out how to get both the light on the outside and inside turn on consistently but he stuck with it and came up with a one of a kind gift for his friend.


Trying out Jie Qi's paper circuit workshop in the Tinkering Studio!

Last summer, we spent some time in making circuits on pop-up cards using copper tape, coin cell batteries, and LEDs (see our past blog posts 1, 2).


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