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Extraordinary Tinkering Examples

Sometimes we can be critical of what happens on a day-to-day basis in the Tinkering Studio. Our group would love to have more time for facilitated activities, more chances to test out and share new ideas with the public, and the ability to constantly reshape and remake our floor space to provide the best environment for new activities.


Unusual and Inventive Marble Machines

Last week, we led our annual marble machines workshop with the incoming group of field trip explainers. This year there were no new explainers hired, so for the first time we had an entire group with experience with tinkering studio activities and facilitation. We thought that they would want to take marble machines to the new level so we put out a few extra circuit board pieces and slow-moving motors to see what would happen.


Make Your Toys Talk Kit

This week I received a special delivery from KitHub with the "make your toys talk kit" that they designed with Eric Rosenbaum. In the Tinkering Studio, we're interested in dissecting toys and creating twisted remixes, so having tools available to quickly add sound effects seemed like a fun thing to mess around with.


EU Workshop - Chain Reaction

I wanted to share one more post about the EU workshop that we led in Milan a few weeks ago. Many times for introductory tinkering workshops our culminating activity is collaborating on a giant chain reaction. Sometimes with this activity we choose a theme that we hope will inspire participants to think about the process of building in interesting ways.


Workshops with 826 Valencia

Earlier in November we were lucky to collaborate with 826 Valencia (our local pirate store/writing center extrodinare) to particiapte in a series of workshops. The first workshop was held here in the Tinkering Studio where we facilitated Marble Machines for the 826 Valencia staff and volunteers, then a week later the tinkeirng crew headed to the pirate store to do a creative writing workshop there. 


Marble Machine Environment Update

Marble Machines is one of our tried and true tinkering studio activities, but we are constantly experimenting to figure out the best way to take this venerable workshop activity and make it run smoothly on the museum floor. We went through several iterations in the prototype space in the palace of fine arts and have lived with a version in our new home for a little more than a year.


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