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Join our friends at The Tech Museum of Innovation this weekend -

  Meet Makers Doing Innovative Things

  with Circuits and Electrical Flow!

  Open Make @ The Tech: Flow

Public Events

In addition to the daily offerings of tinkering activities on the museum floor, we often participate or organize public events that allow us to increase our reach, try new things, develop for a different audience, and build connections with a larger community of makers and tinkerers. Usually we approach these unique opportunities as a chance to quickly prototype new ideas or activities, or to dip our toes into completely new and unfamiliar territory by supporting a guest artist’s project. Here are some of the most successful and notable events we have participated in.


typewriter swallows

We've been thinking a lot about taking things apart recently. We've dissected tools and toasters and even a Hammon organ. Now that we've taken everything apart (seriously, including several of our glue guns! Aren't you curious to know how they work?) we are looking for interesting ways to re-use the parts. Because of this, and because it's awesome, I was delighted to see what the artist Jeremy Mayer has been up to.


Bikes hacking and wearable LEDs at this weekend's Open MAKE

Due to the fact that we don't have a functional building for this season of Open MAKE events, we have reluctantly had to pass the opportunity to host them. But a host of other institutions have taken up the challenge, and put together amazing events, each with their own flavor! This Saturday, you can enjoy two Open MAKE events in the Bay Area:


Paul Spooner's Dog Food Dispenser

In the week before the last open make, we were thrilled to have automata artist residence in the learning studio. Paul works and lives in Cornwall, England so it was an absolute treat that he said yes to coming all the way out to San Francisco and the Exploratorium for the first time. Paul is part of the Cabaret Mechanical Theater, a group of automata builders who have inspired our thinking for many years.


Developing a new activity : "Water Craft"

At Open Make: Trash, we tried a new activity called “Water Craft.” In this activity, visitors explore creating a “water craft” that would float on the water, move through the water, or run across the water surface. Water crafts include boats, submarines, and flotsams, but are not limited to them.


Young Maker Project (The Viper)

I'm always excited to see the Young Makers and their projects when they come to the Exploratorium for OpenMAKE. The Viper project first came to the museum back in January of this year as a basic shell and a big idea. This month, it reappeared bigger and better than I could have imagined. I mean this quite literally, since it barely made it through the doors of the Exploratorium (and we have really big doors - 9' wide). It was amazing to see how far the team had come in such a relatively short period of time.


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