The Art of Tinkering Workshop – September 2017

The Art of Tinkering
– A three day workshop about tinkering, making, thinking, and learning –
September 19-21, 2017 @ the Exploratorium


A New Makerspace at Fabrica Ciencia Viva

Last month, after the Ecsite conference in Graz, I had the chance to visit Fabrica Centro de Ciencia Viva, a science museum in northern Portugal where they are just getting going with a dedicated space for making and tinkering.


PD x 3 .......(3 Professional Development models for making & tinkering)

You're invited to join us this week  

Thursday - Feb 5th at 11PST for a Community of Practice Hangout


Family Creative Learning Online Course

In my last post, I wrote a little bit about some the experiments we tried with Ricarose while she was here for a two week residence in the Learning Studio. I wanted to follow up and share an exciting opportunity for all of us to learn more about her Family Creative Learning workshops, a project that has deeply inspired our tinkering studio group.


Making and Tinkering Reading Group starts this Thursday at 11PST

As part of our ASTC Community of Practice for Making and Tinkering in Museums we're launching an online reading group this week. And you're invited to join us! We’re calling it a reading group instead of a book club, because we’re not going to tackle entire books together. Instead, we want to increase our collective awareness around seminal educational work as well as contemporary writings. Ultimately, we want to get to the point where we can dive into Dewey together, but thought we’d start in the present.


New Explainer Trainings

This past week, we hosted two workshops for new explainers this will soon be facilitating activities with us in the tinkering studio. The high school explainers built cardboard automata which is the current activity in our workshop on the weekends. The field trip explainers worked together to create a large scale chain reaction, something that we hope to start prototyping on the floor in the next month or so.


Milan Tinkering Workshop Prep

This week, Lianna, Luigi, Ryoko and I are in Milan, leading a tinkering workshop for museum educators from all over Italy. Our workshop is taking place in a unbelievably beautiful 18th century Olivetan monastery, which was converted in the 50s to the largest science and technology museum in the country. We will be sharing some of our favorite activities and reflecting on the process of tinkering together. We arrived yesterday and began setting up the room and prepare our materials for the three day workshop.

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