Stab Stitch Bindings with XTech

For most of the month of February both of our XTech cohorts have been learning about and making badges and books from a tradition of stitching called Stab Binding. The method dates back many centuries to parts of China, Japan, and Korea and involves using thread to make double-sided images onto a material like fabric or paper. We covered our introduction to these making projects last month, and continued to use an app by a friend of XTech named Natalie Freed.


4 Drafts of a Warm-Up Activity

This post is co-authored by:
Meg Escudé, Jake Montano and Natalie Freed


My first tinkering social club: Pier piling community build

Last Thursday I participated in my first tinkering social club. I was not a visitor, however, I was collaborating with the tinkering staff and artist Judy Castro. My contribution was as an interpreter of the underwater community that grows under our feet at Pier 15.  The fouling community of SF Bay, as pictured in the painting below by artist Jim Gunther, covers every surface of objects submerged in the bay. 



Bow Ties & Circuits

As we continue experimenting with sewn-circuits, I decided to try out making a bow tie. I found a basic pattern online and used it for my first try. I did encounter a few hiccups... sewing can be a bit tricky if your out of practice.


Sewn hearts

In the last week or so, we have been experimenting again with sewn circuits, using conductive thread, LEDs, and more traditional sewing tools and techniques to see how we can bring that experience out on the floor in a way visitors might enjoy. Right now we're in the “anything goes” phase, and personally it's been really fun to pick up needle and thread again.


Getting ready for after school tinkering program

So many things are still under construction here at our new home in the Pier 15, but one of our outreach programs at Boys and Girls clubs in the city is starting a new semester today! Meg and I used our newly set up laser cutter and made lots of embroidery thread spools.


(Manly) Men Who Sew

The week before open make, we tried out the activities that we planned to facilitate with the public.  As part of this prep work, I created a cuff with a conductive tape circuit that linked two LED lights to a watch battery activated by a magnetic clasp switch when the bracelet was fastened around my wrist. Just when I thought that I had finished the toughest part, Karen handed me a needle and thread and said, "now all you need to do is sew on the battery pack."

I sat there for a couple minutes. Turns out that I didn't know how to sew.

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