Makey Makey Jedis

Last week, Nicole and I joined Tom Heck and Liam Nilsen from Makey Makey for a live hour-long conversation about the way we approach learning in the Tinkering Studio and how that fits with tools for exploration like the Makey Makey. It was really fun to get the share our thoughts on activities and environments that support playfulness, collaboration, and creative confidence.


A love letter to plywood

Please set ten minutes aside to watch this video love letter to one of the most versatile and sturdy of prototyping materials. It is both lyrical (“measuring is when plywood and steel first kiss”) and informative, and very slightly NSFW around the middle…


A Curious Automata

We're starting a whole week (including the weekend) of automata in the tinkering studio so in honor I thought I'd share this beautiful example that was constructed as part of a series of CURIOUS soical media posts of exhibits and activities around the museum. The sound effects are great too!


Scott Weaver's toothpick glasses

You all know Scott Weaver from his amazing kinetic toothpick sculpture of San Francisco, Rolling Through the Bay. Although he's always putting little touches and small additions into his masterpiece, it's basically done. However, Scott is not one to sit idle, and he has been working on a new project, which is finally nearing completion.


Tinkering Moment of Zen: pushup competition

The Tinkering Studio cross-fit training regimen is brutal. Next up: support beam pull-ups.

It's good to be back at work!


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