The Art of Tinkering Workshop – September 2017

The Art of Tinkering
– A three day workshop about tinkering, making, thinking, and learning –
September 19-21, 2017 @ the Exploratorium


Tinkering at the LEGO Foundation’s Partner’s Meeting

Last month the Tinkering Studio team traveled to Billund, Denmark to participate in the LEGO Foundation’s Partners Meeting. Over two days educators, funders, and leaders from all over the world came together to discuss Learning through Play, which is the focus of LEGO Foundation’s work.


Scratch@MIT 2016

Last week, Nicole and I traveled to MIT for the biannual scratch conference and spent a few extra days sharing ideas and prototyping with our friends at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Lab.


The Art of Tinkering Workshop – November 2016

The Art of Tinkering
– A three day workshop about tinkering, making, thinking, and learning –
November 16-18, 2016 @ the Exploratorium


Developing Scratchpaper Workshop

Nicole and I will be leading a tinkering workshop at this year's Scratch Conference at the MIT Media Lab. We've been experimenting with different ways of incorporating scratch programming and computational thinking into some of our tinkering workshops. As we've been preparing for the workshop, we've focused on paper circuitry as a interesting way to investigate some of these topics.


A New Makerspace at Fabrica Ciencia Viva

Last month, after the Ecsite conference in Graz, I had the chance to visit Fabrica Centro de Ciencia Viva, a science museum in northern Portugal where they are just getting going with a dedicated space for making and tinkering.


Ecsite 2016 Dissect, Hack and Reimagine Toys Workshop

As Sebastian and I were dreaming up the pop-up makerspace at Ecsite 2016, we talked about running a series of activities that built on each other over time but also provided low-threshold opportunities for participants to join in the workshop along the way.


Ecsite-for-All and Preconference Workshop

Earlier this month I attended the 2016 Ecsite Conference, a gathering of European science centres and museums in Graz, Austria. Over the next several days, I'll be posting about our pop-up makerspace sessions and a experimental series of workshops that we tried around toy dissection and reanimation. But to start, I wanted to share about the incredible Ecsite-for-All chain reaction and a tinkering pre-conference workshop that we held as a reflection on the event.


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