It's hard to take pictures in the dark...


...unless you are a pro like Exploratorium staff photographer Gayle. We had a lot of activities going down in the tinkering studio for last week's After Dark, but the glow theme highlighted my photo taking limitations. Check out these beautiful photos of the myriad elements that we brought out for the event taken by someone who knows what she's doing.

Exploratorium After Dark: Glow
Lianna facilitates some tinkerers in the digital bling activity station.

Exploratorium After Dark: Glow
For the first time ever, it was possible to build a upside-down, glow-in-the-dark marble machine!

Exploratorium After Dark: Glow
Color changing lights add a special touch to the gaping jaws of our cardboard bear rug.

Exploratorium After Dark: Glow
The cardboard fur also made a comfortable place to relax for Melissa before all the craziness of the evening started.

Exploratorium After Dark: Glow
Ryoko made a brilliant chandelier out of florescent zip-ties.

Exploratorium After Dark: Glow
Even with everything going on and a table full of materials, a visitor finds a focused space amidst the chaos.

The next After Dark has the theme of "Rock, Paper, Scissors". So between now and then we'll be thinking up ways to tinker with those materials and set up more fun explorations for that night!

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