Animation Station goes online


Animation Station has been part of seven OpenMake events by now. Each time we tried new materials, a new table design, label, or facilitation approach. During the last OpenMake - Trash, we added a feature that we had in mind since the beginning of tinkering with stop motion animation. We wrote a new software for the exhibit that allows visitors to keep their movie by uploading it to YouTube right after they finish their work at Animation Station.

A visitor group using the slide-out keyboard to add a title to their movie and send it to YouTube.

The keyboard stays hidden while visitors focus on making their Animation

Our first impression after this OpenMake is that the upload software and the slide-out keyboard worked well, and we heard from a number of OpenMakers that sharing the movie online is a great reward. Further conversations between our software developer Aaron and a group of visitors during OpenMake led to the idea of making the video available on visitor's smartphones by providing a direct link instead of emailing a link to our Animation Station web page. One of my favorite moments during OpenMake was to see Aaron respond to this  suggestion from OpenMakers  right away.

Aaron changing the software on the fly to provide a short direct link to the video for folks to type into their phone. Now visitors are literally able to take away their video on their phone minutes after they finished working on Animation Station.

Of course it's also great for us to be able to watch  all the animation movies visitors make. They are a great source of inspiration for new materials and new animation techniques.

"Exploratorium Love" is a new favorite.  Kelly shows  how to use your hand in the animation to create a magical effect.

"Rocket fly" is just great because visitors sacrificed their veggie snack to add it to the animation. The rocket is powered by bell peppers.


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