Tinkering Tiles: Now with New Verbs!


Prep for Opening
One of the coolest installations in our old space was Nicole's tiles that we're made of tinkering verbs created by the technique they described. In Our new building, these beautiful tiles have an entire wall devoted to them right at the entrance to our workshop space.

Embargadero Stuff
Of course with our larger space we have more room for new tinkering verbs. Nicole also fixed some that looked bedraggled (although bedazzle looked ok). It took a lot of time to decide what new techniques to include and how to arrange them so the there were contrasting colors and interesting relationships between neighboring words.

Here are some of the brand new tiles that you can check out on the wall of our new gallery. We open on April 17th so come and pick out your favorite tinkering action verb!

Prep for Opening


Prep for Opening

Prep for Opening



I love this! I plan on making one of my own, inspired by yours, but am wondering if I have permission to save this as an image and print it to hang in the makerspace in my school library?


Hi Lotte,
It would be nice if you could credit it with "© Exploratorium" but otherwise go ahead!

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